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Important note: If you do a CSV export of existing items from Hyacinth, and then edit that CSV and set new values for the _publish_targets-X.string_key fields, then you are overwriting the current set of publish targets.  So if an object originally had three publish targets, but you submitted a CSV with only two _publish_targets-X.string key columns (e.g. _publish_targets-1.string_key and _publish_targets-2.string_key), you would be UN-publishing it from one of the three original publish targets.

Editing via CSV


Important note: If a field contains a colon (:), that means that the field is a part of a block of fields in Hyacinth. If you update one of the fields in the block, if you do not include information in the additional fields in the block, or Hyacinth will assume the other fields in the block have null value. This can cause you to lose data if you removed columns from your import job. For example, the parent publication fields:

  • parent_publication-1:parent_publication_doi
  • parent_publication-1:parent_publication_issue
  • parent_publication-1:parent_publication_page_end
  • parent_publication-1:parent_publication_page_start
  • parent_publication-1:parent_publication_title-1:parent_publication_title_sort_portion
  • parent_publication-1:parent_publication_volume

If you would like to update information in one of these fields using a spreadsheet created by csv export, do NOT delete any fields that are a part of your block, but leve them untouched to include them in your (csv) import job.