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Any search results can be exported to a csv file by clicking on “Export Current Search to CSV” at the top of the search results list. Try to make your search as specific as possible before exporting. Particularly consider whether you need to work with both asset and item metadata. Their different metadata profiles mean that your data will have more columns if you include both in the export. This may cause unnecessary post-export cleanup work. If you do need to work with both, it is likely worthwhile to export them separately.

To download the file, click the link that appears at the top of the page. If it has disappeared, click on “CSV Exports” under the “Manage'' dropdown on the navigation bar at the top of the page. This will take you to a page listing all of the exports you have recently done. Exports are logged in Hyacinth so you can download them again later if you need to (very helpful if you accidentally overwrite data; the export is a snapshot of the records before changes were made).