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Welcome to the Hyacinth wiki!

This wiki space is open to the public. It is a resource for anyone looking to use or implement Hyacinth.
For notes that are specific to CUL staff, please log into the wiki and use the lefthand "Internal Docs" link, which is only visible after login.

Hyacinth is CUL's digital library metadata editor. It was developed by the Libraries Digital Program Division, working with partners in other divisions of the Libraries. Hyacinth supports custom metadata element sets for different projects, based on each project's needs. It supports MODS creation as well as other metadata elements and schemas. The current development effort began in 2014 and superseded a previous project begun in 2012.

As of early 2016, Hyacinth is in use in the Preservation Reformatting Division and the Original and Special Materials Cataloging.

As of mid 2017, Hyacinth's use was extended to Academic Commons, Avery Library Customer Orders, and a variety of other digital library projects.

View Documentation for Current and Previous Versions of Hyacinth

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