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Only administrators can add new dynamic fields. A developer will probably need to help at some point because they are the most familiar with the XML translation code. Please try out all changes in the dev/test environment before moving them to production.

In this example, we will be adding a new field to the "Parent Publication" group. The new field is a boolean field called 'Is Partner Journal'.

  1. Go to /dynamic_fields, click on the "edit" button for the group you wish to change, in this case "Parent Publication"

  2. Add your new child field to the selected group (fill out form that appears):
    1. String key: The string key of your field should be unique, this is why the current convention is to prefix the string key with the name of the group the field is in. For example in this case, the string key of the field would be parent_publication_is_partner_journal.
    2. Display Label: Display name in form, when users are entering metadata.
    3. Dynamic Field Type: Pick the type that fits your data best. In this case, we'll choose Boolean, because the field is supposed to be a flag.
    4. Standalone Field Label: Is relevant if you checked off "Single Field Searchable" or "Facet Field." For repeatable fields, this helps provide a clear field name to use.  On the search page, the Standalone Field Label value will appear as the facet display label or as the dropdown field name for a "Custom Filter."

  3. After adding a new child field, you want to make sure that it appears in the MODS export.  Add the new field to the xml translation for its dynamic field group
    1. Note: if field is complex, it might require for a translation to be added to both the field and the group.  You may need to ask a developer for help with complex MODS serialization rules.

  4. In order to serialize the field to MODS, you need to update the descMetadata XML datastream to include the new field. Datastream editing is found under Manage → XML Datastreams in the top menu bar. How you edit the datastream depends on how you want the field to appear in MODS output. Consult a developer if in doubt.

  5. Per project, enable the new field for each digital object type that requires it
    1. By default, the field will not be enabled in your project, you will need to enable it manually
    2. After you make your change, remember to save, all the way at the bottom of the page

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