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Linked Data and Semantic Web Introductions

Introducing Linked Data and The Semantic Web (
Tutorial including RDF, RDFSs, and OWL

LD4PE–Explore Linked Data Learning Resources

Linked Data – Connect Distributed Data across the Web (Tom Heath)
Free e-books, tutorials, and presentations

BIBFRAME Training at Library of Congress

EUCLID–Educational Curriculum for the usage of Linked Data

Report on Available Linked Data Training Resources
(PCC Standing Committee on Training)


Linked data : evolving the web into a global data space (Tom Heath, Christian Bizer)
Access available via CLIO:

Semantic Web for the working ontologist : effective modeling in RDFS and OWL (Dean Allemang, Jim Hendler)
Access available via CLIO:

Publishing and Using Cultural Heritage Linked Data on the Semantic Web (Eero Hyvonen)
Access available via CLIO:

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